Ghosty's covers and splashes(open for requests)

If you would like some cover arts and splashes come on by

  1. Be polite
  2. Don’t rush
    3.DO NOT COPY THE EXAMPLES they were made for others

Send details and character with their poses
Also send background and episode names

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Hello, could I have a cover for a story named: School of Spies (And Lies)?
Thank you and have a great and AMAZING day!

Any examples?

I just edited the top

Please read the top

I read the top, I don’t want my characters in the cover, and I was wondering if you could do the background for the cover considering that would be the actual cover.

What kind of background and can i get your episode name please?

A background for something that has to do with spies or whatnot.
And the story name is in the very first post.

Ok it will be done in a few

Any changes?

Maybe a little more mysterious?


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Duplicate closed. Refer to In need of covers/splashes/overlays? (open) free :smiley: