Gimme some art D:

Hey everyone,

I’m curently working on a story and I may need some art scenes & splash art in near future. I don’t have a grafic tablet, so all I do is edit Limelight charakters into fancy backgrounds :sweat_smile:.
I would really appreciate you to post some of your art here and if I’m being honest, I really enjoy just looking at your creations, so feel free to show me some. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!


Hey I do realistic art commisions (paid) if your Interested I can send you some examples :heart:

Me too, I do paid commissions, if you need info just PM me here or check my Instagram page lady_cannella_episode

I do semi-realism art! I’ve been drawing forever and I’m looking for more clients! You can either P.M. with more info, or head to my insta: @annszaa

ive looked at your art and I was wondering how much would your art cost?

First of all, I’m sorry if constantly asking for prices is inconvenient, I’m working on a website that will have all the information soon! Anyways, prices all come down depending on what you need, maybe we can PM about this?