Ginger Cat Overlay?!

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Can anyone help me? My story requires a cat overlay because my main character loves Ginger cats. If anyone could send me in the direction of Ginger cat overlays or have some to share please let me know.

I’d wish Episode made their pet overlays without them in their bags because one of their overlays of a cat would have been perfect for my story… :sob: :sneezing_face:

Hello there. You mean, something like this?

Or are you in need of something more cartonish?

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Yeah that will work, if there are many poses like the Cat sleeping, Awake, Sitting, Standing up then that will help.

I cut it out from royalty free image, but pretty sure I’ve seen multiple other pics of that cat. Let me see what I can do today/tomorrow.

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You’re a life savor :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart: :smile: :innocent:

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I hope, this helps, somewhat

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