GirlLykAnn’s Request Thread 💜 (OPEN)


Hello everyone, my name is Ann and if you’re wondering why this thread is, it’s a request thread!

On this thread you may request:

  • Splashes
  • Overlays
  • Cover art
  • Edits :purple_heart:

Here are some examples of my edits!

All I ask is that you credit me, Episode.GirlLykAnn

Edit / Splash Form

Character Details:
If it’s an episode image which zone?
Makeup -
Character View (full length, waist up):
Image Size (eg. 640x1136) :
Additional Info :

Cover Form

Story Name :
Author Name (if you want it on the cover) :
Theme -
Character Details:
Small or Large cover? Or both? :
Additional Info:
Animation (pose):

Need an art scene? I gotcha
Looking For A Cover Artist - Can Anyone Help?
Can anyone provide me a dust overlay



Thanks :blush:


Is anybody interested?


vampire fangs and golden eye lenses (when in werewolf transformation) thank you!!


oh my god. They look so amazing. Can you please help me with my story cover?


She is offlinne you got to wait


Thank you for telling me. Well, I’m good at waiting


overlays? @arikkyy

Here are your overlays (If that’s what you wanted)


I wasn’t sure which fangs you’d like best so I chose multiple :blush:


Alright @Sammyartlover

Answer these questions:


Small cover? Large cover? Or both?

Character details?

Theme of the story?

What kind of background would you like? (it would be best if you could provide a photo of one)


What would you like the characters to be doing?


can you please make me a office chair overlay, thank you!


Hey @Sarahsunshine I’ve made your overlay



thank you soo much, i’ll be sure to credit you!


Requests are open :wink:


Cover: Both, but if you don’t have enough time, then large cover.


The theme of the story is kinda how the girl is going through a dark time of her life, and the two guys are both love interests.

Author: Sammy Z



Do you have pictures of them doing animations?


Sorry for replying late but yes I do.


The girl in the middle?


Ok so the girl in the middle is like freaking out who to choose and what to do cause they both cause even more drama to her life than what is already happening. That is why I did that animation.