GirlLykAnn’s Request Thread 💜 (OPEN)


Sorry, but I don’t need that art scene


Hi! Can you make me a large and small cover for my story?
Title: Accuracy
Author: McKynzie_writes

or anything that has something to do with action.
Theme: Action/Romance
For the large cover.
Poses: FEMALE (first character)
Hands on hips
MALE (second character)
arms crossed angry
MALE (third character)
Laugh with sunglasses in the photo
FEMALE (fourth character)
Flirt wink forward
For the small cover
The male with the sunglasses is holding a bomb.
The male with the black hair is holding a bat.
If possible the two girls are holding a weapon.
Font: black, white, and purple.
If you have any questions for me or need me to do something my instagram is mckynzie_writes or on here. Thank you so much!


Of course :purple_heart:


Hi, are requests open?