Girls! Are you satisfied with your appearance

Yesss we stan a queen with confidence :raised_hands:

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there’s days where i feel very confident and some days i feel like i’m the ugliest thing ever :heart:
but to all you girls/boys who are self conscious about your looks, just remember everyone’s unique and different and you all are gorgeous!

Unfortunately, we live in a society who has a particular conventional idea of what beauty looks like, and I think, in turn, that’s made us all pretty self conscious. Whether it be height, body, face or what have you, we’re always finding ways to say that we’re not good enough.

Honestly, I think that everyone’s beautiful. Remember that you’re your own worst critique and everyone else probably sees you as WAY better than you see yourself.

I’m pretty confident

I used to feel like this so many years ago but not anymore. I am wonderfully and fearfully made. God created us in his own image. Have this at the back of your mind and you will never be insecure or get upset when someone tries to bodyshame you. I hope this helps someone😊