Girls please Listen up

Dear Girls,
Listen stop calling yourself ugly you are all very pretty. You don’t need a man.You are all Indepident Women. Dont listen so people that say your ugly cuz your not. BE PROUND FOR WHO YOU ARE! If someone bullies you don’t listen to them. Just reamber this “pretty on the inside” listen to this song thank you and reamber YOU ARE PRETTY!!! <3
Love, Satans Daughter



I still don’t feel pretty but thanks.

You should feel pretty cuz u are!

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U ARE VERY PRETTY!!! :grinning:

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I love you. I wish I was.

your wish is my command POOF your pretty

This just made my day a whole lot better. I remember being bullied for my face (teeth, hair, etc.) for the longest. Since 3rd grade to be exact. I’m in 12th now. But thank you! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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No problem its all true what i said


For Satan’s daughter, you sure are very nice :eyes:

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You don’t need a man


btw you seem awesome thank you, you’re amazig :sparkling_heart:

Gee girl! Heartfelt :sparkling_heart:
I’m touched by that


Lol thanks!

Lol thanks very much!

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Lol Thank you

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and whoever thinks they’re not good looking. it’s okay. You don’t have to be good looking what matters is your character.
If you feel sad and hate ur life then find out one reason to enjoy life. I’m sure you’ll have it. And if u don’t have then try to find out.
And always be who u are it makes people love u

That made my day MMG! :heart:

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Thanks :heart::heart::heart:


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