Girls Should be able To wear Boy clothes

For reals though, it’s super annoying. I have a girl that wants to play football, and theres like, no football or any sports outfits.
Plz tell me people agree with me.



Yeah, right?

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AGREED like ummm not every girl is into all the fashionable tight stuff i have a story that im working on and its lowkey hard to fine stuff that look boyish for my tomboy characters


The whole point of my story is a girl that wants to join the foot ball team, I hate the struggle

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Episode already released football uniforms for females

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Support sm

I was LITERALLY about to comment on this…
But you got it covered Sis!!! :+1:t5:



Okay, but there are still tons, and ton of outfits that are only available to guys, like guys literally can wear bikinis

Agreed. I would love to have more baggy pants (that don’t look horrible) and knee-length skirts and shorts.


Ok and so what you are saying is that men can’t wear feminine clothing

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Yeah, I think we should just have all clothes for both male and female

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no, just that girls can’t wear guy clothing


Agreed. It’s sad to see very little clothing for tomboys/masculine/butch women.

And hockey.

And we should really stop gendering everything; It’s so 20th century!

People can like whatever they like and wear whatever they wear.

Yes! Exactly

I’m confused. There is football and sports clothing. There’s more clothing for female generic than there is for male generic?


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