Giselle's ART Shop 1.0 *CLOSED!*


Here’s your splash!! :heartbeat: They were completed by @AngelinaTheUnicorn !!

Please let us know if you want anything changed.

Splash Requests


~ Giselle :unicorn:


Yess!!! Thank you!!!


Hi gisellec may I have a splash?


Thing: Splash

Background Image result for Black Background

SILVER LETTERS that say To Be Continued…
No characters just that I’d like the size to be 640 x 1136.


Wait nevermind


Could you please do a background for me that says “This story contains sound and music, please turn up your headphones!” Please? Also, could the font of the words be in calligraphy and could the words also be black in the background below?

Thank you!


This is amazing thank you


You forgot about me lol.


have you made my little background here with my details and the same position as yours only with the info for instagram zoekzoef- episode???


Omfg I’m so sorry!


I’ve requested to do a redo of the credit page. And to add the people that I forgot. So sorry for that!:heart:


Hello everyone who requested. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to start any at the moment, and I probably won’t be able to for a while, so @Episode-Gold can complete all requests that have not been completed. Thank you for your time and patience.


I might be able to help with some so pm me who ever didn’t get theirs and I’ll see what I can do


@Sydney_H please close this thread as I am creating another one! Thank you!!



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: