Giselle's Art Shop!

I need another art scene, custom pose.
Same characters, but I’ll send the clothes after.
This pose:
(But can see the boy’s face)
So i want it from a side view?

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Girl’s outfit:

Guy’s outfit:

For this scene, can I have it full body?
And this background:
On the sand.

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So laying on the sand? But yes it shall be done by tomorrow babe! (It’s currently 11:54 pm in my time zone lol)

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No they should be standing on the sand in that pose I posted just now

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Ohhhh okay I see :heart:

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Hi Giselle, :blush:
I was just wondering if you were still accepting cover requests? If you are then I’ll fill out the form :white_flower:

Hi! If you’re still doing requests, what all do you need to know for me to request an art scene?

Hi! Is this still open?

If this is still open, can I request for a banner?