~GISELLE'S Help Thread~



I’ve received a couple of PMs and DMs asking me HOW I got almost 6K reads in a month. (Not much but pretty good!)

So here’s the answer!



  1. Keep your audience ENTICED!

  2. Updating quickly means more reads, right? No, not really.

  3. When writing your story, write it from your heart!

  4. But most importantly, ALWAYS do R4Rs and keep advertising your story!


What do I mean by keep your audience enticed?

End the episode with a CLIFFHANGER!

More updates = More reads, right?

Nope not necessarily. Waiting a week to upload each episode is a good pace though.

What do I mean write your story from your heart?

If you didn’t love what you wrote, no one’s going to want to read it. This is because you yourself are not satisfied with your story.

Why should I do R4Rs and advertise my story?

R4Rs allows you to gain quick reads, and maybe even fans. Advertising your story will get it out there for other people to see and read.


If you have any more questions, reply to this thread!






~BUMP! Accepting questions :slight_smile:


There are a lot of people out there that do the exact same things that you do but never really get noticed. Doing Read for Read helps to gain readers and fans that could help your story, but sometimes when doing read for reads sometimes people post their stories on there, and don’t come back to read others’ stories. I think what could help is becoming friends with a lot of people in the community, that way, you could help each other with advertising your stories.

Question: I don’t have instagram or anything like that besides episode and the forums. I’m not going to get them- they would help, but I just feel uncomfortable with it. What other ways could I advertise it? Or is that the only main way to get views? I don’t exactly care about views, as long as I have a loyal fanbase- and I know that they like my story as much as I do.


That is true, but the key is persistence. Also, your cover and description is the main target when trying to get reads or a fanbase, since that also entices the reader!!

And to answer your question, you absolutely don’t have to have a social media account to get your story out there. You could do a S4S (shoutout for shoutout) and give other stories a shoutout on your personal “shoutout” thread (you’d have to create it, of course) and ask for the authors to give you a shoutout on their instagram, facebook, etc. That way, your story would be out there, providing you with more reads/fans!


Well, all I really need to know is that my story is generally good. There are so many hidden gems that don’t have a lot of reads, or get reads really slowly. I do agree that you have to have a good cover and description. I’m currently working on a story (it’s gonna take me a long time to finish it lol) but when I think I’m ready to publish I’m going to get some beta readers and ask people if they think my cover is good (currently don’t have one)


But have you ever asked yourself why they are “hidden” gems? They’re hidden because they haven’t been advertised properly, or the cover and description did not properly depict the value of the story! Which is why a cover and a description makes a huge difference :heartbeat: . All cover talk aside, some stories don’t even contain a cover and still get many views! So that tells you that the description is key. :unicorn:


When I have a cover and description, I’m gonna get a lot of people’s opinions on it. If the person doesn’t like the description, I’ll tell them a run-down of the story and ask them to help with the description.


Yes! That is perfect! I wish you success with your upcoming story :heartbeat:


Thank you! It’s called: The Chameleon- look out for it lol. I know it’s a strange title.


I’m making a classic story called another world


I’ll make sure to check it out!


Oh cool! Do you need any help with it?


It’s not out yet though




lol, mines not out either


What would you like help with? :heartbeat:


Idk general ideas


Any Genre in particular?