Give away help needed!

I want to do a give away, but I really don’t know what my prizes could be!

I can’t give away play/app store ‘money’ since the codes only work in my country.
I can’t draw so can’t do art.


Can you do edits?

Be a character in your story + shout outs?

You could always hire an artist if u need it

HMM yeah maybe I haven’t published my story yet. It’s an insta give away but yeah maybe I can do that for charachters in the future, thanks for the idea

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I know and but all good artist want to be paid and I don’t mind to pay for a good art, but I don’t have paypal to pay them!

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Some do it for free

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The last time I did a giveaway, I teamed up with an artist but I also included a read of their story, shout out (story and account) and role in my story. If you can do edits, mood boards, character cards, you can add those too. Be creative.

Eyyyo! I’m down to help you out, I can make a story review/ story shoutout💗 you can check out my Instagram account @keny.episode dm me if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m an artist, I don’t need to be paid, u can find my art on @lilyri.draws I’ll happily make art for the giveaway as the prize, for free. However, I ask that anyone who enters follows my account @lilyri.creates, as a condition, simply bc I will b up for doing up to 3 ppl edits for prizes. Dm if u want me to help & goodluck w giveaway :white_heart:

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