Give Away Options?

So I see (mainly on IG) artists that do drawing and set piece giveaways and I was curious do you non artistic Authors do giveaways and what kind could you do? I’m trying to find more ways to interact with my audience.


i know some people on instagram who aren’t authors nor artists or editors, but when they do giveaways, the giveaways consist of reading their stories, giving gems, or even shout outs. :)) hopefully this helps!


In addition to the reply above me:

  • Giveaways can also consist of prizes such as getting featured in a story or stories, typically with a decent role.
  • Getting free access to your backgrounds/overlays, if you make any.
  • A follow.
  • Stickers, bags, or some other physical or digital items.

I’ve also seen many hosts pay artists to create art for winners, so if you can’t draw yourself, you can get others to help with the prizes.

  • Spending a certain amount of gems on someone’s story
  • A shout-out
  • For them to create or be a character in your episode
  • Episode Edit, I’d your able to do that
  • Money to buy art of their choice from someone else/but their commission
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