Give me a song and I'll give you a Plot based on it

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Okay, so I have this thing where when I listen to a song I visualise actual like movies Not already made movies playing out depending on the song.

I figured out its called maladaptive daydreaming
Also please dont give me carly rae jepsen - cut to the feeling… It doesnt work with that one… the only thing I see is that one scene from the movie leap/ballerina

Give me a song and I will listen to it and reply with the plot that I gather from it.


if you wish to use this one credit me and the song lol

An overly cheerful MC, who always looked for the goodness in each day moves to a new highschool for a fresh start. Blind to how others thought of her she went about her life, when she gets the chance to achieve her dreams she is sabotaged by the other students in the school… realising how cruel the world truely was and that they weren’t really the ones she could depend on… once she’s left their school from the embarressment the students begin to see what impact she actually made within their school and what they had lost and work together to find a way to try and get her back - Inspiration: Lose you to love me by selena gomez

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Territorial pissing(Nirvana)

After the passing of her father, MC’s mother pushed her to be academically inclined although MC found herself more interested in more dangerous hobbies like skateboarding and rollerblading to keep her fathers spirit living on… when her Mom forges her essay to a top college and gets her in, she runs away… but what will she do when her mother breaks her typical De ja vu to go find her, will she be able to keep her mother away from danger without getting caught? - Territorial pissing (Nirvana)

Sorry if it seems weird I was getting images of a mother and teenage daughter rollerblading and skateboarding after one another and had to kinda piece together the plot. it was confusing for me as well

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The night we met - Lord Huron

Alone - Lund

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A soulmate who wasn’t meant to be - Jessica benko

The MC is a mother too 2 little kids with a loving husband… goes to visit her mothers for the holidays and goes up to her old hangout in the family house attic where she comes across her old photo album with her highschool boyfriend and the story flash backs to their entire relationship of him teaching her what love was when her mother and fathers relationship showed her the opposite and then after the end of the flashback of memories, the book closes… and with tears in her eyes she rushes out of the house with her mother worried about her… only for hours later… her to be found sitting beside her highschool boyfriends grave resting her head on the shoulder of his headstone just like she did when he was alive. - The night we met by lord huron

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After the main character was in a car wreck she woke up in hospital with memory loss, she awoke to a dog laying beside her… when he notices her awake he wags his tail excitedly but realises she doesnt remember him… after being checked out of the hospital… she becomes annoyed by the dog which would never stop trailing behind her… she’d break off tree branches and throw the sticks to try get it to fetch rather than her but the dog would always follow her… one day… the dog stops appearing at the doorway to her home each morning awaiting her to open the door… she decides to go searching for the dog in her car when she gets into another wreck… and when she wakes up… there is the doggo sitting next to her… holding the stick she threw… and she remembers it all -
Alone by Lund

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You’re making me cry with these stories! And you just made them up? So good!!! I like this one a lot, because dogs are my favourites :two_hearts:


Its this weird thing with my brain where when im listening to a song I actually see a full on movie playing before me- like the scene unravelling before me… Im just summarising the movies I see from my mind.
(My mind generates short little movies to different songs… its kinda like how with synthesia they see patterns and colors, I see movies. :slight_smile: )

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A little girl who grew up with parents who’ve fought all of her life, and was bullied throughout school until one teacher who praises her on her writing becomes her inspiration, and her will to perservere through each day. One day when its time for her to finish school, and she notices her parents didnt show for her graduation… she notices her favourite teacher sitting there cheering out loud like the parent she never got. - A soulmate who wasnt meant to be by jessica benko

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Omg you made me- cry

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Question is that a song or a statement? :slight_smile:

It’s a statement, sorry it was unclear

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Oh no it’s fine I am just neurotypical so I couldnt comprehend it lol.

Ofc it’s ok, sorry it wasn’t clear lol, but fr your stories are actually so good I can’t believe you come up with them on the moment

Thanks its this weird condition thing I have- I am still trying to figure out if its a type of synthesia or something else entirely.

Oh wow, I have to say it’s very cool! I love it sm

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Sorry (Justin beiber)

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