Give me a story review pls or just read my episode stories 😍

Hey I have 3 stories :blush:

Our story (must read) - romance - 7 episodes - first story so isn’t great.

Description: A story of how me and my fiancé met, all of it is true. But with a twist, I’m pregnant! Love, fights, parties, betrayal, marriage, house and kids?

Trapped - action - 6 episodes

Description: Riley has been held captive for 6 years by Beau and Gabe. She meets jake, he changes her life and saves her. What happens when Beau and Gabe come back for her?

On the run - action - 3 episodes

Description: after a heist, a couple go on the run with their son in order to save him. What will happen?

I would mean a lot if someone read them or did a story review. Everyone likes and prefers Trapped :slight_smile:

how do you make your covers???