Give me a Title!


The game will start with a random plot, and the next player will have to come up with a title that he or she fits to the plot/description. He or she can proceed to writing his or her own plot as well, and so on and forth.

I’m not really good at explaining so I’m just gonna give an example here:

Player 1. You just moved on to your new house… far away from your single mother. This new village, called “Hensoom”, you are in felt so diverse and different—the people are very positive, and you even got to have friends on your arrival there! But what will you do if you find out that all of these… are actually foul plays?
Player 2. Hensoom Dooms proceeds to a plot

And so on and so forth…

So, let’s start, shall we?

Plot. As the only child of the Queen and King of Arvian, it is part of your responsibility to wed a prince or a nobleman from other kingdoms to strengthen relationships between lands. The good thing was that, you already know this prince and he’s your best friend! You’re a princess, he’s a prince, you get along well, you’re gonna be married… happily ever after, right? All those things happened in your dreams, and will always stay in your dreams when all of you found out… that your groom is actually not a prince.

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Rule Flipper?

Plot: You live in a world were women are nothing but a mere peasant. Working hard, being married off, and having kids. Nothing feels right, until the feminism movement starts, and they want you to be apart of it.

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Jae, the arrogant and ruthless CEO of a reowned feminist organisation with a dark past is centred on nothing but Education and Freedom to women. While Jiya is a free-hearted girl from a simple family. But what happens when they cross paths? Will Jiya be able to change Jae’s ways of life or will the past intervene…?