Give me an easy rundown of how to place overlays

so i read dara amaries post about overlays and i think i get it, but i still think i need to learn more.
so can someone just tell me the basics of overlays and how to place them etc.

I recommend watching both of these videos if you want more information on how to use overlays! :grin:

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To add an overlay to a scene, you gotta create it and set its opacity to 100% or 1 (in case of episode) and then place and size it according to your needs.

SHIFT here means positioning of the ol
SCALE here means sizing of the ol

All you need to do is to upload your overlay to the portal and use this coding to add it to the scene

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to 145 245
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to 1.000 1.000

After this, click on the “Spot Directing” optionin the preview tab and then “Change overlay” to select the overlay you just added. On the left, you’ll see an option to “move” the ol, click it and drag the overlay to the position you want it to. To change the size of the overlay, click again on the “move” and you’ll find that it switches into “Scale”. That’s how you do it :woman_shrugging:

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omg tysm i had no idea how to add it to the scene!!

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