Give me images of your episode characters for me to draw! (Ink only!) **CLOSED to catch up**

Hey guys!!!

So I just want to say THIS ISN’T an art request thread. This is specifically for me to practise on your episode characters.

So if you’d like me to draw your episode character then please leave an image of it below and I’ll get right on it!

Image of character in pose you want them to be in:
How far do you want me to draw it (waist up, shoulders up etc):
Would you like a custom outfit? If so what?:
What background:
Extra details (eg: tattoos, makeup etc):

Here’s some of my examples


This Morgana Welles from an upcoming story called The Critic :sparkling_heart:

Sorry it has a narration box :sob:


Here ya go lol.

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Thanks I’ll get to yours ASAP!

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It’s fine! I’ll do yours soon!

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Your art is beautiful. :grin:

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Thank you :smiley:

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I’ll have it for you soon!

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Take your time.

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This is Cleo :kissing_heart:

Totally up to you but maybe draw her a black and gold slit dress (not very exact I know lol)

Thank you <3

I also have this headshot of a guy if it helps :heart: Maybe give him a rose tattoo on his neck?

@Days your request is complete!

Hope it’s ok!


Do you have an example of what dress?

just a sec let me find a picture for ya

Omg this is gorgeous thank you!!

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No problem!

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