Give me some ideas

Hey yall so im making a story based around a grim reaper what is some things yall would like to see also this is a comedy-drama story so do what you will with that info.

And chile the ideas that I think that I could implement well and I like will be added into my story.
New Cover
Sarah gets a chance to become a reaper after her death but at the cost of reaping others.

I know its short but I couldnt think of something else also the story is heavily inspired by “Dead Like Me” starring Ellen Muth.


omg i find this idea so funny :skull::skull: love it.

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definitely the fact grim reaper dont belong to any religion, they take everyone, I like to see them bring different people to different afterlives.


I’d love it!

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Definitely will be adding this.

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Really wish this got more exposure

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