Give me some stories to readdd

I just downloaded back the app and dont know what to read!! Share ur stories below so i cam read them :sparkles:


Here’s my story Blind To Blood.
It currently has 16 episodes and is on going!
I update weekly. :slight_smile:
Genre is a mix of Fantasy, mystery and romance.
Description: You live a quiet & uncomplicated life until you discover that your new next door neighbor is a vampire.
Will you be able to stay alive once you find out his dark secret?

My instagram is @uglygh0stt :sparkling_heart:

Here is the new cover

I’m just waiting for it to be approved. :heart:

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@Hazeo ty :raised_hands:
@Uglygh0stt ty :sparkles:

You’re welcome! If you read, I hope you enjoy. :sparkling_heart:


Thanks for the thread!
Here’s mine…

Title: Shado
Author: Roy
Description: After tragedy, Roy returns to civilization a changed women. She begins her crusade, determined to put things right, with the help of her trusted people,waging a one-woman on crime.
Genre : Action
Style: Ink
Chapters: 10 and ongoing

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The Takeover By @/crisp
Criminal Lover By @/writtenbyro
Elementals By @/Abimations4
Warm Me Up By @/Theebee2004
Arena Of Pride By @/jellyepi11211
Tied Together By @/molly247
Poison By @/SpookySherry
Poorly In Love By @brittes.writes
Godless By @/Daisysford
Racing Hearts By @/queenscribbles
Dirty Business (I forget her @ on IG)
The Gamer Girl By @Wincy.writes
I Am No Stranger (I forget her @)
Burning Desires
Wrapped In Lies
Jaded Love

Might add more later :relieved:

IG: @giulianna_creates


Story: Captivating Reactions
Author: Giuliannna (Insta Handle: @giulianna_creates)
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Description:Easton Rivers: The hottest and sexiest play-boy billionaire to ever to exist. But will being thrown into the mafia change his ways when he’s forced to marry a captive in disguise?


Thank you so much for this thread! Here’s my story if you’re interested!

Author: Lynn
Title: Saving Grace
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure,
In a world like our own, those who enroll in one of the five magic academies will have a chance to change the world. When four of The Zodiacs, magical artifacts that can amplify one’s abilities, are gathered, an individual’s wish may be granted. Except, Grace has no intention of pursuing its power.
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @lynn.episodewriter

Oh my god i meant ur own stories, but thnx

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i put my story there somewhere :eyes:
and read those some are to die for :weary:

Here’s mine!
Name: Arena Of Pride
Genre/s: Action filled with drama & romance
Author: Jelly
IG: @jelly.epi
Episodes: 11 (more coming soon)

The streets of Morocco are swimming in crime secrets. Accidentally - a twist of fate, drags Layla and her family deep down in the mafia world, where she meets Oscar Kebryak.

**Title: The Bucket List (LL) **
Author : Sophie M.
Description : Noa is an ambitious girl from a small island, Asher is a cocky guy from New York… What happens when their worlds collide and they need each other?
Genre : Rom-Com
Style : LL
Special : I took a lot of time on directing this story and making sure everything is perfect! Also there’s full customization and your choices matter!
Chapters : 5 and going
Instagram : sophiemepisode
Link :

I would really appreciate if you gave my story a chance! I put in a lot of work to write it :slight_smile:

Hi! I have a story called Relentless . It was originally written in ink and is finished in that version (50 chapters). I’m in the middle of making a LL version though.

Title: Relentless LL

Description: Leah and Xavier were abandoned on The Island as babies. Together, they try to figure out why. Along the away, they discover even more than they ever could have anticipated.


Insta: gabi.episode

I’d be very happy if you could check out my story, just published for a week now :yellow_heart:

Title: Poison for your Heart
Author: Aykay
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Chapters: 15 (Season 1 complete), more coming soon
Description: You’re a woman on a deadly mission. But what will you do if a determined EBI agent is on your tail? Can you fool him or will you not only lose your freedom but your heart? CM, CC
Style: LL
Small cover:

Large cover:


Suprise u didnt put chewy story

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cuz i thought u already read it :eyes:
and only IIIII can call her cheewy :triumph:
lanie :blob_turtle:

Title: Magicka: Ethereal
Genre: Fantasy
love interest: only one. not up for discussion.
Art scenes: Yes Optional to watch
CC: Full.
Choices: yes
Mini-games: YES YES YES!!!
Grammar: amazing thanks to @MissHaze
Description: When you stop to help an unconscious man, a mystical creature hides in your bag. Now, you must hide from the fairies hunting you! but who can you actually trust?

link :

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Title:- Love Confession
Author:- Divya
Episodes:-10 (complete )
Description:- He likes his childhood friend but then she went away. After so many years she is back but she doesn’t remember him.
Does he have the courage to tell her or will it be too late?

Thank you all for sharing ur stories i’ll be sure to check them out wen i get more passes! :sparkles:

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Hey! Thanks for the thread and I hope you find some stories that you really like!

I just published a new story titled, Pineapples!

Story: Pineapples
Author: bgb.episode
Description: Eliana King wants one thing, revenge. Ravished by the death of her father, Eliana sets out on a quest for vengeance and meets a mysterious dark knight along the way.
Genre: Romance
Sub Genres: Mystery, Drama
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 1-4

Link: I’m reading PINEAPPLES. Check it out:


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