Give Me Some Story Recommendations Please!

Hi everyone! :smile:
I’m looking for a somewhat “niche” type of Episode story lol.
I really like the survival/mystery genre that makes you pay attention to details closely, and where choices actually matter.
I think that the stories Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane, Insomnia, and 7 Friends represents what I’m looking for the most. I’m not super picky when it comes to writing but I definitely prefer Limelight! (Reading Ink/Classic gives me a huuuuge headache lmao) and CC is a must
(Feel free to promote your own stories if they sound like what I’m looking for!)

Hit and Run by Elise C sounds like it would fit what you’re looking for



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Hey will you give my story a read?
It’s called “the true definition of love”
I would be really grateful!
If you are on insta do tag me in your screenshots :hugs:

Thanks for recommending :hugs:


Thanks, I’ll give those a read !