Give me story ideas please

I need help creating a good story give me ideas and let me now whats hot right now.

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You know you can always get ideas from movies you have watched. For example, Tarzan.(childish ik) You can get the idea for them to be on an island instead of a jungle. You can get the idea that one of the characters are visiting there. Stuff like that hope this helps.


Thanks I am not very good at making stories I have made a few but I have never posted one I am trying to fine better ways to do a story.

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Your very welcome! Same it’s hard trying to find perfect ways to make your stories stand out.

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i don’t have any story ideas to give you but you can check out instagram accounts or websites that have story prompts, this can help get some ideas flowing (:

Depends on the genre you plan to write, then think and let your ideas flow, be open bout it
you could also think of events that you’ve seen on movies or experienced
idk really ,lol, just wanted to help :relaxed:


What seems to always be “hot”:

  • Romanticized Mafia
  • Office romance
  • Gangs
  • Bad Boys with a leather jacket + tragic backstory and emotional unavailability + a pretty & clueless MC
  • Vampire LI with a human MC

Okay, I had a dream about a story, and wanted to do it, but I never have any time to make an episode story. Anyways…

I’m not sure how it works, but brain surgery is a thing I think. That’s when they surgically give someone else’s brain to you, kind of like an organ donor. Anyways, I was thinking about if a person had a brain transplant, but doesn’t remember any of his own memories. He remembers all the memories from the other person. So, since he remembers all of the other person’s memories, he is living his life. Maybe he could be in a gang or something, then would have to be on to runout. He can be very famous, but dangerous. He can be a mafia leader. He can be a decent, nice person, but with a horrible past. I didn’t think too much into this idea, but then the MC would have to live his life. Do I even make sense? If you like this story, you could PM me if you would like more ideas.


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Thanks for all the help

Of course!

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