Give me story ideeeas!

Share your ideas with me, I give you cred if you want! Don´t be afraid to be detailed! Everything is good, I really need help to start my mindset :slight_smile: Thanks in advance

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Random thought-Girl meets alien world. Girl explores alien world. Girl does not know what the alien world has planned for her.

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I made this up on the fly. :laughing:

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Title - Mine And/& forever you will be

From guy’s perspective. He’s a loyal guy, belives in love

Girl has canser or other and lost hope (basically donsn’t give a f*ck bout happiness or things related to that

They meet romance happens he gives her hope a purpose in life (school/Consert/cafee/library)

He has had his heart broken alot though (even if he’s loyal and belives in love he sometimes forgets to express his thoughts and emotions (an idea to them having relationship problems))

She has talents he adores

and so on up to u the rest

You decide if she will cure or not (happy ending or not and how)

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very creative, thank you! :two_hearts:

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i like it! never thought of it before :grin:

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