Give Me Your Underrated Stories/Sci-Fi!

Hey guys! I’ve noticed a lot of frustration with underrated story visibility and would like to do what little I can to try to help. I’d like to start a monthly or bi-monthly recommendation post on my IG page but I don’t have the time I used to have to search for unknown stories.

Please drop recommendations here. They should be under 100k reads (if it’s a little over by a few thousand reads, that’s ok). If you self promote, please include other recommendations along with your story. I want to uplift authors who take the time to uplift others, so I’m not going to look at self promo posts unless you recommend other stories.

I have a soft spot for sci-fi, so definitely drop some sci-fi recs if you have any!
I encourage others, especially authors with a larger following, to check out the stories recommended here and promote them if you like them. The more support, the better!

This is not an offer to review stories or provide feedback.

Please try to stay on topic. I just want to hear about good, underrated stories here and I want to try to keep a positive vibe. This isn’t a thread for anything other than sharing stories you think need a little more love.

Thank you! :laughing:

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