"Give What You Can" Content Deal!

In a bid to raise a little charity money, I’m holding a bargain deal where you only have to pay what you can afford, in exchange for some great content!

(Or can donate for nothing in return too, all donations are greatly received!)

There are some rules and limitations, but this is for fairness to both myself and the charity.

For information on how to enter/rules and conditions etc, please read the FULL CONTENT ON THE SLIDES!!

Please do not use this as a way to get something for nothing, the money is for a good cause, and I’m happy to tell you more about that cause when you DM me if you wish to know more… so give as generously as you can, please!

Any questions feel free to ask!


Hey honey!! I’m definitely interested but I have to ask, could I see an example of your style? Like how you make your backgrounds look? Just so I know what I’m getting myself into lol. Also what’s your drawing style? Sorry I’m so nosy :sweat_smile:

Not nosey at all, I completely forgot to link my threads when I uploaded my post.

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holy heck dude. Amazing.

Where do I send the money? I got 15$ (which equals about 14.19 pounds) left to my name and I’m wanting to give it to this cause lol. Where do I send payments and what would you feel is reasonable for that amount?

That’s very kind of you! If you DM me, I’ll be happy to discuss what you’d like to receive when I wake up properly lol
Still early here and my brain doesn’t kick in just yet :joy:

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Which charity are you donating to?

I’m not 100% sure if linking something like a charity is allowed on a thread, but I can tell you more about the chosen organisation in a DM if you would like :slight_smile:

@Sydney_H Could you please close this thread, the deadline has now passed.
Thank you! :smiley:

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Closed by OP request :smiley: