Giveaway A Story!

Hello writers/authors! I’m thinking about giving on of my old stories away to another author to continue it. It’s called True Friends or The Band. I haven’t started on this story, well I did a little bit. It has never been published. I haven’t planned this story when I first thought about this story so technically it’s a free story haha. If you’re an author who is interested taking this story, and continuing it, you can either comment down below or DM me via Instagram. I would love for someone to write this story instead of me. Also, I’ve made a post about this on my Instagram which is brianam.stories. I’ll tell you the details to this story, and everything that you need to know if you’re interested in this. This story is in the Classic version. If you’re a person who still loves Classic stories (I don’t), you can still keep it in the Classic version or make it a INK or Limelight story.


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Guys please contact me if you’re interested in having this story. I haven’t published this story at all because I lost motivation for it. So if you’re interested, please DM me via Instagram!

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