Giveaway contest (closed)

Hey guys so I have posted a post on insta about a giveaway contest
You can also do this contest in here or insta
(If you are doing in insta your post might be in my story) it will be really nice if you do this insta

In this contest you have to draw/edit anything related to winter or something that gives you winter vibe or that tells that winter is here
And also you can also make outfits related to winter😌
So there are simple rules you must follow to get the prize🙄
i) You must follow me on instagram @2eerina
ii) You can give the drawing/edit here those who don’t have insta, but giving the drawing/edit in insta is appreciated with #2erawinter and don’t forget to tag me @2eerina
iii)please comment me down if you are participating
iv) You shouldn’t unfollow me after receiving the prize (that is if you win)
v) And last you should not trace other’s work
So this is the 1st time I am doing this so i am giving only 1st prize
If you win-

Here are the types of art you can get if you win

Shares are appreciated
If you want to see more of my art you can go check my insta @2eerina
So the deadline is 30 january (it can increase if you want)
And i will announce the winner on hopefully 3 or 4 feb (depends on the deadline)
Any questions ask me​:relaxed::relaxed:


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