Giveaway (drag me to hell)

In honor of DRAG ME TO HELL being published✅ I’m having a giveaway🥳

The Winner gets 1 ART COMMISSIONof their choice from @findmylogic❤️

  • Must show proof that you read my story, you MUST screenshot a scene from story and tag me on Instagram @lolorose.writes

  • You MUST follow me and @findmylogic on Instagram

  • You MUST use the hashtag (#lolorose.writes) on Instagram!

  • For bonus points, comment your favorite scene from drag me to hell❤️
    GOOD LUCK! And thank you all for your support💖

Attached below is some of the artwork @findmylogic has done for me



Really liked arts.

Would love to join.


Drag me to hell giveaway :blob_hearts:

Proof of reading

I have added my forum name on it. So, that nobody else can claim them as they have read the story when they haven’t.

Currently reading 3rd chapter.

Proof of following

I have added my name on it. So, that nobody else can claim as they have followed you when they haven’t.

My opinion and experience

I honestly liked your story.
The mystery of the queen, the story plot, the little funny arguments, your thinking about story.

In my opinion, I think you should reveal the queen mystery little by little as the story unfolds. So, that it will make the readers more interesting in finding out about the queen. Not all at a time.

I can’t say any more as i haven’t read much. But, i’m sure that it will definitely turn out well.

I haven’t read much yet. But, i will definitely continue reading. Cause, it peeked a very interest in me.

I wish you all the best for your this story. And other upcoming ones.

Sharing & tagging you on Insta





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proof of me reading your new story drag me to hell :white_check_mark:

(Screenshot and tag you on Intergram . Use hashtag #Lolorosegiveaway ) :white_check_mark:

@lolorose.writes :white_check_mark:
@findmylogic :white_check_mark:

already did :white_check_mark:

already did :white_check_mark:

Hashtag use (#lolorose.writes) on intergram :white_check_mark:

My Favorite scene is when his one pant is cut off and one is on but i love when the fairy was in mood but like the guard was argue who eat the food since he called the girl a fat frog
in funny joke way but merry keeps getting emotion even true she want to falls in loves one day as she go with adventure with the boy but i love it because it interesting to watch just can’t wait for next part and i finished the story :white_check_mark:

and even the queen for fairy was not part of bad but it be adventure to find the queen who was one that takes resource and stuff for people for his people and as for merry be on mission for father even through she don’t know her mom she is sad , pain . hurt as story tells and since in end she takes away



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