GIVEAWAY! For 100 Followers! *CLOSED*


Hi everyone! I am Ms.Kate and I want YOU to enter my giveaway for 100 followers on Instagram! I know that isn’t a lot for some people but I just want to celebrate every 100 with a giveaway or contest! I will DM you on Instagram if you win…

1.tag me IN the post on Instagram. (So I know!)
2. Give me your character details in INK so that I can make you a background character or edit!
3. use the hashtag #epikate100 to be one of 3 to receive the following!
4.Follow me!

You can win:

For the first winner- will get to be the main character in my upcoming story. (Please provide me the details when I dm you to let you know!) The lucky first will also get a free edit! Of their choice. No credit. No watermark! (Normally don’t do that but oh well.) For the second winner- a free edit and a background character.
For the third- The same as second!

Now if you read until here regardless IF YOU WIN OR NOT YOU WILL GET TO BE A BACKGROUND CHARACTER
So for proof comment pickle on my instagram post! (And follow the rules)


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