Giveaway Tags taken for EXTRA ENTRIES 😤

Hi, this is about something that has happened on Instagram. I will keep all the people in it anonymous apart from the ones I have permission to use their names. I would love some advice on what to do and if I’m overreacting a bit.

So, on Instagram, I entered a very talented artist’s giveaway. As usual, I tagged my close friends, Sophie and Raye. They are completely ok with me tagging them in giveaways and sometimes they enter as well. So, I was meeting up with them and they both said that somebody had tagged them in that giveaway. At first I thought they meant me but they showed me the notifications.

Basically, for extra entries, SOMEBODY STOLE THE TAGS THAT I MADE. In this particular giveaway, the more people you tag, the more entries you get. It SPECIFICALLY said to * tag your friends *

. This person had tagged Sophie and Raye just because I had a few comments before, and the person doesn’t even know them. The person had a large amount of people tagged and I’m wondering whether they stole other people’s tags.

Is there anything I can do about this? I don’t want that person to get extra entries by cheating but don’t want to cause a lot of drama


Update: I forgot to mention this. Sophie and Raye both messaged the person saying “why did you tag me?” a few days ago, but the person has not answered yet.

Second update:
I messaged them this:


Honestly, I wouldn’t like it either and if this personal would have tagged me, I would have texted her and asked to remove it :confused:
Also, maybe try texting the artist? In my opinion this person should be disqualified cause it’s just not fair for other participants :pleading_face:


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I’ll text the artist, I don’t want the person to get away with cheating the system :blue_heart:


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