Giveaway Time 🎉

Basically I’m doing a giveaway on forums and Instagram. I’m only doing 2 and you must leave all the details below like what your requesting, poses, outfits, etc. No Limelight or males in requests (I can’t draw males or in Limelight well.) Also I’m still new to custom poses.

If I don’t feel inspired to do it I won’t and please don’t say “I need” it urks my nerves and I’ll not do your request for the giveaway.

Happy giveaway and may the odds be in your favour :partying_face:

I’m too lazy to put up my examples rn so go through my activity or search “Nae’s Advice Thread 2.0” and look at those examples.

I will decide who’s request I’ll do on this Friday and I’m a semi slow worker.


If you have a question let me know. I tend to ramble or repeat things on my posts oof.

Is their possibly anything else you might want?

No worries :two_hearts:

What do you mean by freestyle? Like just something I come up with on my own?

Also I need inspiration so that I know I might want to do yours and I’ll be able to complete it. :two_hearts:

Okay I’ll send you everything after I eat:)

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Are you able to draw an ink character with a limelight hairstyle? It doesn’t have to look like limelight but the ink hairstyles aren’t exactly what I’m trying to reference.

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Depends on how you want the hair. I sometimes draw custom hair. Example below :two_hearts:

Also if you have a reference pic it’ll help :two_hearts:

Character information:
Skin Tone: Tan
Brow: Defined Natural
Hair: (reference pic below)
Eye shape: Upturned Bold
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth Shape: Full Round
Clothing: any sort of blue sweater with white pants
Pose Reference:
Hair Reference:

Background colors: Dark (gray, black)

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Alrighty. I’ll let you know if I decide to do your request. :revolving_hearts:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Well I have 1 example that I’m actually putting up. hopefully it gets more people’s attention

And a unfinished Limelight one bc I’m trying.

Bump and I’m changing this so I’m only doing 1 request.