Giving and Receiving Gifts - Limelight

Hi! I’m new here.
I’m writing my first story and it is in limelight style.
I would like to add a scene in which a character gives a gift to another character… but I found some difficulties:

  • Since limelight doesn’t have as many animations as INK, I have to use the “carry_box” and “take
    object” ones, but they definitely don’t look very good… Anyone has any ideas on how to make the
    exchange look better?
  • In the list of props (you can find it here) I think there is no gift prop available. Did I miss it :thinking:?
  • Last (and probably pretty dumb :joy:) question: what do I have to type if I don’t want my character to hold the prop anymore?

I’m pretty sure I’ll have to give up on this scene :disappointed:

Thanks in advance!

P.s. If you’re looking for gift exchange in INK style you can find it here

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In order to remove prop you put in the command @remove (prop name) from (character )

@remove Journal from NAME

Thank you so much!
P.s. I just realized it was explained in the same topic I linked…

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However in the exchange there are the only ones :frowning_face:


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