Giving Away This Art Piece!

Win a piece of beautiful art created by @fcukforcookies

This is her competition guys! Thanks

This art piece below was created for one contest, but unfortunately the girl, who made this contest, deleted her account, so it’s off the contest obviously. But as I’ve spent a certain amount of time creating it, I would love it to actually be present in someone’s story. And you can get it!!

How do I want it to be used? - As a cover, story intro or as an Instagram splash. Not for PfP.

What can be changed to fit your story? - I can change: Skin color, hair color, eye color, lip color, nail color, eyebrow color and top color. I can change the background, as well as add any needed text and icons (like Instagram).

Can I apply if my story is not published? - No. I will only give it to a published LIMELIGHT story.

How will I choose, who’s gonna receive it, if there is more than 1 person applying? - I will read your story, and choose the one I loved the most.

How to apply? - Submit this information (asked for below) in the comments:

Story title
Story author
How you want to use this art in your story? (Cover/Splash/Intro)
What you need to change in it?

Time for the piece itself…

Other little rules:
Do not ask to change things that haven’t been mentioned above,
Do not cause drama on here


This is a beautiful art piece.
Story title
“I will always find you”
Story author
How you want to use this art in your story? (Cover/Splash/Intro)
Instagram SPLASH.
What you need to change in it?
Color skin Neutral 2 Hair color, Brownish caramel.

May I tag people?

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Yes of course you can tag people :smiley:


@Turtle_Cat @Shona4b. @KateB_episode. @epy.tara
If you have a limelight story out you might want to enter the giveaway.


My story is unfortunately not in LL. But I’m excited to see the winners and the piece the winner gets.:blush:



Thx for the tag.
I have a LL story but rn I’m still writing, so I’m not eligible?
On the other hand, on my shared acc with my bff, we have a published ll story but it’s REALLY short. At least the first 3 episodes is, since she was busy and I had to write it on my own.
So, I’ll just fill it in for the shared story cos you never know.
Story title Unarranged Love
Story author Li Qing and EmTara
How you want to use this art in your story? (Cover/Splash/Intro) Not sure, have to ask my co-author. But most probably intro or cover.
What you need to change in it? Skin, hair, lip color and top color. (I know its a lot but yeah)

@Liqingluv read this pls. I know you’re overseas but read this sooner or later.

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OMG hell yes. BTW sorry I’m late

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But I’ll love to have it as a cover but up to you @epy.tara

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Yeah, I agree.
We’re getting off topic…
sorry, @fcukforcookies for talking about this here.


Thats fine. I didn’t manage to ask @Cheyara_episode58 to close the thread yet, but I gave it already to someone who applied :slight_smile:


Aww…okay then.

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@Sydney_H please could you close this now, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: