Giving Honest Opinions


So I am super bored and I am up for something fun! I will be giving honest opinions on everyone…and they will be long opinions! These will be tbhs (like what people do on sc) I don’t have to know you that well…I am extremely bored! Don’t worry I will not be rude, and I don’t bite;)


Me! Lol we just met. :joy:


What do you mean ?
Opinions about what exactly ? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


About you…




Do me!


You want to give opinion about people ?

Like America’s next human ? :thinking::joy:


Me! We don’t really know each other, but I’m curious lmao


What’s America’s next human lol?


Go ahead!


:unicorn::unicorn::unicorn: Me too haha, I am curious!


I’ve seen you around, so yes, ME TOO :grin: please


Okay, not because you are my twin but gotta let you know Aerial that RainbowCat is awesome


Omg ok here I goooo…
I have only talked but I already love you!
We have so much in common! We have talked so much already and you seem like an amazing friend! I hope we can progress our friendship into something bigger?


I just can say the same about my twin, wonderful person! :green_heart:


I hope so too! You seem super cool!! And super smart (totally not just saying that because we think the same). :grinning::joy:


Ok so I don’t know you that well…but I have seen you around and you seem like a very nice and down to earth person. Idk if you rember me bit a while back I sent you a pm about how amazing your story is! I just wanna lest you know I am still reading it and it is amazing:)