Giving overlays transparency

I need a way in which to make the background and hilt transparent for use in my story. I can make the weapons (swords, spear, Dwarven War Hammer) work using the baseball bat animations, but you can still see the shaft/hilt. How can I make them transparent in order to give it the illusion than someone is holding it in their hands?

To make an overlay transparent you just do:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 0 in t

Yes, I know that, but I do not want the whole overlay to be transparent, I need portions of the picture before I upload it to be transparent.

there is no way to make parts of the overlay transparent unless you upload multiple pieces and then make those transparent.

If there are community members who can make the overlay background transparent, I have no doubt they can make the hilt/shaft transparent as well.

Do you have some examples :thinking:

I had tried to use Microsoft’s paint 3D to remove the hilt, but when I went to save it, it made the background (originally transparent) white as well.

I removed the background, is that what you wanted?


Yes. Which program did you use?