Giving story and title ideas! Stuck on what to write? Come here!

Don’t know what to write about? I’ll give you some options below!

YOU CAN ALSO “REQUEST” IDEAS BY FOR EXAMPLE SAYING A GENRE YOU WANT, OR A SPECIFIC YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT (ex. you know you want a story about vampires but don’t know what to write about, or you know what one of the characters is going to act like etc.)

If u need ideas for ur own personal story feel free to write the here too

this thread idea is not mine, I don’t remember where I saw it to give credit tho, so if you know who started this comment down below

So, I noticed I have a lot of story ideas but have only written one so far… So here are my ideas!

There are not many rules except if you want to write about any of these, please comment which one by their numbers so 1. I know u took it 2. I can read it 3. no one does the same story twice (if it’s taken IT’S TAKEN DON’T DO IT!) :slight_smile:

Obs: I am giving ideas that I haven’t seen before, though I can’t guarantee they don’t exist on episode or other places

If you want to give an idea, comment down below and I’ll put it here with credit!

 1. Titles: Goodbye, New York! (or whatever city instead)/ Country Roads / Lost in the grass / Un-spoiling

Idea:  A spoiled girl from a big city (like new york?) moves into the countryside to start a new life. She now has to adapt to her new home. Although she hates it at first, she falls in love with a guy who shows her everything there is to love there. 

Genre: Romance (maybe comedy?)

Extra ideas: She has to move in with her stepfather OR she was very spoiled before coming there and we watch her slowly turn into a better person OR it can be a comedy of her failing at activities that would be normal in the country side but not to her OR freak because there is no wifi OR include the song "counry roads take me homeee to the placeeee I belongggg" (west virginia) somewhere etc. 

AVAILABLE! :smiley:

credits: @gigistorm (me)

2. Titles: Dead at once / Death of me / Stuck between worlds / Why here, why me? 

Idea: A highschool girl dies. For a while, she doesn't know she is dead and tries to live a normal life. After she finds out she died, she needs to figure out how to move on and why she is still there. 

Genre: Horror/mystery 

Extra ideas: Maybe she was mean in highschool / maybe it's sad because she tries to talk to her parents but can't do it / maybe she makes ghost friends / maybe she sees her friends (that are alive) talk sh*t about her 


credits: @gigistorm (me)

3. Titles: School recruits / Highschool heroes / not made for this

Idea: A new superhero's in town. He/she has as a mission, create new superheroes by "kidnapping" children in school and training them. 

Genre: Action

Extra ideas: POV of a girl/boy being trained / superhero turns out to be evil / the superhero is nice and tries to teach them all but they are all bad. 


credits: @gigistorm (me)

4. Titles: Self-esteem: a journey / Bullying's for the weak / Crying on Sundays / Goodbye bullies 

Idea: A "fat" girl (or "ugly" girl, by that I mean out of the normal "standards") gets bullied at school and this is her journey of overcoming that and learning how to love herself. 

Genre: Drama (suspense/mystery... maybe?)

Extra ideas: In the end the guy who she had a crush on and he rejected her all along will like her but she'll reject him OR this can turn into her killing all her bullies and trying to get away with it / last title is because every Sunday she cries for not wanting to go back to school.


credits: @gigistorm (me)

5. Titles: It's a small world / the world's mine to explore / Tired of the routine / Goodbye, ordinary. 

Idea:  A successful business person, tired of their boring routine, decides to spontaneously quit their job, and travel around (or drive a certain direction with no route in mind) 

Genre: Adventure (Maybe romance?)

Extra ideas: Maybe meet the love of their life / much happier when traveling around / make new friends /go from anti-social to super social 


credits: @gigistorm (me)

6. Titles:

Idea: It's all in a house of senior people, and they all decide to go escape from their shelter facility to "live life." Can be very funny lol idk imagine. 

Genre: Comedy 

Extra ideas: Maybe they plan their escape and all and after their families r looking for them


credits: @gigistorm (me)

That’s it for now, may update this later!


i don’t need any ideas, but i came here to check it out. and number 6 on your idea list has me laughing! can you imagine senior aged people running away. I can see such comedy in that :joy:

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Hahha if I were funny id totally write it :joy:

same lol :joy:

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Number 6 is definitely funny is use one can i share mine?
All your life you always loved cats what happens when you actually become one?

Comedy and Drama
You could be a guy or girl
Style only be LL
This story is basically all choices and about the readers of what they want. You can choice the cat life which just be u as overlay or cat-human form I’m using this one

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