Giving the code for one of my kissing scenes


Hello people… This scene was kind of confused for me at first but i manage to make it almost as i wanted to, its not perfect but i did my best!!

Here is the code :stuck_out_tongue:

@LEO walks to spot 1.021 168 82 in zone 2 in 2 @zoom on 584 287 to 203% in 0 &LEO spot 1.021 181 50 in zone 2 AND LEO is kiss_makeout_start_rear AND LEO faces left THEN LEO is kiss_makeout_loop_rear @pause for 1.5

@AMELIE is idle_jawdrop_awe_loop @pause for a beat @AMELIE spot 0.931 250 91 in zone 2 AND AMELIE is kiss_makeout_loop @pause for 2

&LEO is shove_argument_receive_angry AND LEO faces right AND LEO spot 1.021 180 70 in zone 2 AND LEO moves to layer 0 @AMELIE is shove_argument_give_angry AND AMELIE moves to layer 1


LOL she looked angry. Thank you, I’ll use this!

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hehe lol!! yes she is… because its a scene from my story and there was a dialogue behind this :slight_smile:
I am glad you like it !!

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