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Keep in mind

It’s not a class or teaching…

I am just giving tip and tricks because lots of people are keep dming me asking about my edit and Arts* Well I am not saying, I have problem with them dming me, but It’s too much for me to give advice each one of them at same time, its getting harder and harder lol… and I dont want to leave anyone on seen


But IF you don’t know who am I… or what my edit/arts look like… then here

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Tips for Editing :-

These are the question people asked me through dms

Where can I get a clear ss from?

Well, from the episode app.
You just will need to know a little bit about coding for that
Code your script with the animations you want.
and take ss in you phone.

I never used remini app, but lots of people says it helps to get a clear pic. You can try.

How do you add those white lines?

hmm, Well… I don’t know how I started to do those lines…
but here
If you use ibis paint X

  • Then you have to find “Gloss hair” brush 1st.
  • Make a new layer and turn it on “Add layer mode”
  • Set the brush size to the size you want it to be and pick up the color of hairs.
  • Use it very rarely (not everywhere)
  • then find any glitter brush and use it over those white lines.
  • then find Airbrush and do the same as u did with the glitter brush.
How you turn hair THAT glowy

I use “add” layer and use Airbrush and then blur it. (don’t use on all hair please!!)

How do you add those different color hairs?

uhmm… Sometimes I just change the color of character and copy some of those hair and paste it on the real hairs. (where I want them to be…

And sometimes I just use brush to do different colors.

How will I know where to put different hair color?

just know what you are doing!!

and make it look like they belong to those hairs.

Tips for Arts :-

Questions peps asked me.

How to sketch realistic?

Well see your face in the mirror and notice how will you draw your eyes, nose and lips.
and See some tutorials.
I really can’t help you with that to be honest.
I just recommend you to trace something 1st and look how it goes.

for me…
I always gets confused with the hand position so I just see my hand and draw it!

Which mode for which?

Multiple = Shadding
Screen = Highlighting
Add = Glow moree!!!

How do you do shading?
How do you do highlights?
  • I use airbush
  • Make a new layer
  • Turn it on “Screen” mode

How to draw hairs?

u can see the name of brush, in this one I use black, and in end, I just descresed the brush opacity in the end on hairs.

in this, i used that brush, and pick a lighter grey then black.

in end i picked grey lighter then last grey.

thats all
And yeah… just add shades and highlights on them.

If you have any other question other then these then please ask below!! :upside_down_face:

Sorry If I forgot something… :pleading_face:

I really am bad at giving advice :pleading_face: :pleading_face:




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got a new question.

How you add those glows/sparkle?

Well it simple

  • Make a new layer and turn it into “Add” mode
  • Use air brush where you want the lights and glows
  • duplicate the layer…
  • And turn it to “Color burn”
  • Fix the opacity of the both layer as you want
Don't know how to make a duplicate layer?

If you use Ibis Paint X
then just tap that box thing in the top of the screen
and choose “Copy”
and open that again…
and then choose “paste”