❤ Giving Your Forums Profile/Thread A New Color Theme *JUST FOR FUN AND NOT SERIOUS* ❤

Can you do mine? :grimacing:

Can I do mine? :pleading_face:


is a gem :gem:

This is such a fun idea, thank you so much! (And also wow thanks for using your time on this)

Very interesting filter- by the way, love that I’ve been here since… 1945. I’d count myself an ancient one. -And starting a sentence with and is grammatically incorrect BUT AND I am a detective and yes we have to eat toast, definitely! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :bread:


How did you this?

  • over 69 people…

I wanted to do more but I have so much to do, although I felt in the mood to make something pirate-y and made a little time for that :joy:

@Randomwriter07 it’s mentioned in the OP :yay:


Haha I LOVE IT especially the colors :heart_eyes:. Thank you

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Lol, I thought you hacked into the forums or something… :joy:

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Please could u do mine…something cute pls😉

I’m starting to have less and less time, so I might not make too many and if I do, it might not be a lot that gets edited :see_no_evil: :blob_hearts: just letting people know if I don’t make a theme for you, I apologize deeply, I will aim to make you one though :100: :blob_sun: BTW it’s best viewed on a computer (also this thread is on hold).


Wow, this looks amazing. Thank you so much for making me this. :pleading_face:

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could you do mine too :point_right: :point_left: when ur free of course :blob_hearts:


If you don’t mind, of course, and if/whenever you are free, can you please do something magical for my thread?

luv this one

Hey, may I ask what CSS is and how I could do it on my own?

Right click on a website and it will say “inspect element” then you can edit the code.


Oh, okay!

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You’re welcome :relaxed:

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