Glamourizing VS Raising Awareness

Where do you draw the line between glamourizing and raising awareness? For example, if a story featured a student-teacher relationship, but it portrayed the teacher as the antagonist, and the story ends with the teacher going to jail, would you say that is glamourizing or raising awareness?

EDIT: I’m just using the teacher-student storyline as an example, I’m not thinking of writing a story, just wanted to hear your opinions :smile:


raise awareness in my opinion. but I don’t think episode would feature a story with this theme.

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Glamorizing, true to its root word, brings in undue positive connotations and imagery. Raising awareness brings into the spotlight things that someone might not be thinking about.

The storyline that you suggested is definitely raising awareness, some people might be intentionally or unintentionally ignorant to the way that some occasional teachers are there for the very worst reasons. It definitely exists in the world, some girls who are afraid to go to school due to a predatory teacher and are too scared to tell someone about it.

As Alexandra mentioned, that definitely won’t end up being a pretty story, but not all stories on this app are or have to be pretty. Just be sure to follow the guidelines and keep actual scenes and descriptions of abuse to a minimum. :+1:


Personally, I see both sides to the situation. Quite frankly, it depends on how the storyline is executed. For instance, there are still debates on the book/movie Lolita- oddly enough, some people say that the child manipulated the teacher, as well as vice versa.
Topics such as student-teacher relationships are incredibly delicate because the line between glamorizing and raising awareness may often be seen as a thin one, and it’s tough to understand the difference.
I guess Lolita may be a different scenario because some may say that it’s hard to depict the antagonist from the protagonist. As long as the teacher is clearly depicted as the antagonist, and the story is more focused on the wrongs of this kind of relationship, I would deem the story as raising awareness.
Like I mentioned before, it’s a touchy subject because a lot of authors (usually unintentionally) make the line between glamorization and raising-awareness incredibly thin. It all depends on the execution!!

Now I remember what I wanted to say haha. I think that if the story focuses on “adorable” or “normal” moments (don’t know how else to word it) throughout the story, it doesn’t matter that the teacher went to jail. Because then some parts of the audience may feel bad for the teacher and that is the complete opposite of raising awareness. I hope this makes sense.


In my opinion, glamorizing is romanticizing it and/or using it as nothing more than a plot device or for drama. Raising awareness is it being in a negative light and explaining why it’s a problem. The example you used is not glamorizing