Glass in hand of character

I haven’t made an episode for a while and I kinda forgot how to put a cup or glass in a character’s hand. Does someone have a template or know what to do? I’m using the hold cup animations

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you have to add a prop to your character :))
For example, @add [PROP NAME] to CHARACTER :))
Hope it help!
*Don’t forget to remove your prop after: using @remove [PROP NAME] from CHARACTER

thank you :hugs:

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Your welcome :)) :blob_hearts:
Here is the list of props I have :blush: It may not be complete though…


Baby Swaddle Black Blanket
Baby Swaddle Blue Blanket
Baby Swaddle Footprint Blanket
Baby Swaddle Green Blanket
Baby Swaddle Light Blue Blanket
Baby Swaddle Pink Blanket
Baby Swaddle White Blanket
Baby Swaddle Yellow Blanket
Bagel Cream Cheese
Bagel Plain
Baseball Bat Wood
Basketball Rubber Orange
Binder School Closed Navy Blue
Binder School Open Navy Blue
Bookstack Book
Bottle Beer Glass Amber Blue
Bottle Beer Glass Brown Green
Bottle Beer Glass Green Red
Box Engagement Open Velvet Black Diamond
Box Engagement Open Velvet Diamond Black
Box Engagement Open Velvet Diamond Blue Navy
Box Package Box Brown
Box Present Large Box
Can Beer Aluminum Blue White
Can Beer Aluminum Gold Red
Can Beer Aluminum Red Purple
Champagne Flute Filled
Cigarette White Tan
Clip Board Brown Tan
Coffee Cup To Go
Composition School Closed Grey Black
Composition School Open Grey Black
Cookie Chocolate Chip
Cookie Platter Silverbrown
Cup Plastic Blue
Cup Plastic Red
Cupcake Platter Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry
Cupid Bow
Cupid Bow Arrow Drawn
Cupid Bow Arrow Drawn Wooden
Cupid Bow Wooden
Dagger Metal
Devil Pitch Fork Red
Dodgeball Rubber
Donut Chocolate
Donut Chocolate Caramel
Donut Chocolate Glossy
Donut Chocolate Sprinkle
Donut Pink Sprinkle
Easter Egg Striped Egg
Engagement Ring Metal Ruby
Engagement Ring Metal Silver
Envelope Grey White
Episoda Can Cup
Episoda Can Variant Cup
Flashlight Metal Blue
Football Leather Brown
Gun Pistol Black
Hairbrush Microphone Plastic Black Red
Hairbrush Microphone Wooden Black
Hotdog Ketchup Mustard
Knife Metal
Marshmallow Turkey Fluff Sandwich Bread Brown
Medical Chart Folder
Microphone Black
Microphone White
Moving Box
Mug Ceramic Red
Notepad White Lined
Panini Sandwich Bread Brown
Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich Bread Brown
Photo Album Closed Blue Oxford
Photo Album Open Blue Oxford
Playing Card Solid
Playing Cards Solid
Pompom Blue White
Postcard Hawaii
Protest Sign Generic Paper White
Sandwich Tomato Lettuce Ham
Serving Tray Silver
Serving Tray With Flutes Silver
Serving Tray With Glasses Silver
Sheet Paper White
Short Sword Metal Silver
Soccer Ball Black White
Spell Book Closed Grey Black
Spell Book Open Grey Black
Stake Wooden
Tambourine Wood
Tankard Metal Silver
Text Book Closed Navy Blue
Text Book Open Navy Blue
Tray Dome Silver
Tumbler Glass Empty Glass Clear
Tumbler Glass Glass Yellow

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