Glass Overlay Help


How can I use a mirror overlay in a story where her reflection is looking at the character, and does anyone know or how to make an overlay for glass. Thanks;)


what kind of glass are u talking about?


The one for this bathroom


someone has this has an overlay. ill send u their username.





click the link, then go to overlays, then go to mirrors. Give credit to the author as well.


to make your character reflect themselves. watch the video.


i have tried the mirror reflection before with a different mirror but it didnt work so, il see if i can try it again.


This is my first time trying, just wanted to see how it works


same, it may take time to get use to what you have to do.


Yeah true


I did it but with a different background though.


what background did u use?





This is the overlay I used from someone’s drive I don’t remember though.


i know the person.


Who is it? :thinking:




Ooh ok, Thanks! :woman_facepalming:t5: