Gleams ♡ Covers, Splashes, Background Edits ~ [CLOSED]

profile_bullet_6_by_ponnui-d720m83 Hello! My name is Livia but please call me Gleam. I would be happy to do requests for you of the following and possibly more ~


tick_by_undeadzombiie-d7hc97l Covers
tick_by_undeadzombiie-d7hc97l Splashes
tick_by_undeadzombiie-d7hc97l Background Edits
tick_by_undeadzombiie-d7hc97l More


pinklove___heart_bullet_by_3oa-d94nh63 Credit me in your story.
pinklove___heart_bullet_by_3oa-d94nh63 Do not cut out my watermark. I will watermark all my work!
pinklove___heart_bullet_by_3oa-d94nh63 Please USE the piece I make for you. If you don’t like it I will be happy to edit it to fit your liking. Don’t be shy to ask for changes!
pinklove___heart_bullet_by_3oa-d94nh63 I am NOT a machine. Don’t expect me to finish your piece in that same day. It may take a while ~ I have a life too!
pinklove___heart_bullet_by_3oa-d94nh63 If you do NOT specify what you want I will choose it for you. Do not blame me as to say “I didn’t want that.” And remember that I can always change it if you wish.
pinklove___heart_bullet_by_3oa-d94nh63 Please be kind and undemanding as I will also treat you kindly.
pinklove___heart_bullet_by_3oa-d94nh63 Please fill out the form for each art piece ~ I have it listed under “Forms.” If you do not fill out a form I will kindly ask you to do so.





(Background Edits)

profile_bullet_6_by_ponnui-d720m83 NOTE: These example are not to be used or stolen!

Here are some shapes and add-ons I can display for you that will help you choose exactly what you would like on your piece. Please keep in mind that I don’t display everything I can do - just ask me to add other things!

Social Media Buttons

All buttons were rightfully asked to be used by the artist

(Pastel Pixel)
This style also comes in different colors.

(Pastel Lace)
This style also comes in all colors and in any social medias.




pinklove___pencil_and_paper_bullet_by_3oa-d94ng33 Please Specify


Cover Type (Large or Small):
Story Name:
Author Name:
Story Biography:
Characters Featured in Cover: Do not send an image but specify which features they have like ~ Skin Tone: Neutral 03…etc
Character Poses:


Splash Type (Warning, Sounds, Social Media…etc.):
Colors and Themes:
Font(s) (Only Google Fonts or specify):
Characters Featured in Cover (If any): Do not send an image but specify which features they have like ~ Skin Tone: Neutral 03…etc
Character Poses:

Background Edits

Specify how I should Edit it:

pinklove___pencil_and_paper_bullet_by_3oa-d94ng33 If you do not specify I will choose for you! But If you end up disliking it ~ You may always ask me to edit or change it! You may also allow me to choose your background, fonts and colors if you’d like me to as well. If in doubt please ask me!

If you ask “Can you add/do _____ ?” the answer is generally yes, but please ask me!



tick_by_undeadzombiie-d7hc97l ____________
tick_by_undeadzombiie-d7hc97l ____________
tick_by_undeadzombiie-d7hc97l ____________
tick_by_undeadzombiie-d7hc97l ____________

July 20, 2018 7:29 PM


These are so cute!

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Thankyou so much! <3

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How do you get that font stuff? It looks adorable!

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I made the banners and I got the pixels and bullets from DeviantArt in the free to use pixels and such <3

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Hi! I know you do background edits but can you make one from scratch or find one and edit it?

I need a background of a Gym with a punching bag and a mannequin with a knife in it’s chest?

It’s totally cool if you can’t though but if you can I’ll request formally :slight_smile:

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I can do that! I can’t actually make one from scratch but I may be able to find a gym background with a punching bag and photoshop a mannequin with a knife if that’s okay?

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That’s perfect!

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Alright! I’ll work on it soon!


Hello! I’ve finished! Hopefully this is what you had in mind, if not I’d happy to change it for you! I added in the punching bag and boxing mannequin with a knife. Thankyou so much for requesting!

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This thread is so cute :heart_eyes:

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Thankyou so much! <3 I appreciate that!

that’s perfect! I’ll be sure to credit you :slight_smile:

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I’m so happy that you like it! <3 Thankyou so much!

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Bump~ for more business! I’m open and have lots of time on my hands!

I’ll be adding profile picture requests as well soon!

How do u make those arrows?

How do you do that arrow thing?