Glitch: can’t look at my story on the app


Whenever I open my story on the app in the “create” section (I’m writing it on the computer but need to edit spot and stuff) it would kick me out of the app entirely?


Me too! I don’t see my story at all but it doesn’t kick me out.


It made absolutely no sense until I figure out I made a grammar error in the script !!


I’m having a similar issue. Whenever I get to a certain point in one of my stories on mobile creator, the App crashes completely! A grammatical error shouldn’t cause this!


I’m having this problem now, im trying to go onto my phone to edit the story with the background characters because its a lot easier and it wont show my story.


Can you please tell me how to make a topic?


if it won’t show your story then that means there is a problem with the script such as spelling, incorrectly entering a directing command, etc.