Glitch/Error :(


Hey! So I’m currently creating my first story, but I’m unforchantly having a problem with the customization. :frowning: I am letting the reader customize the MC, but for some reason, every time I click “Looks good!” after I’ve chosen a feature I like, it resets back a few lines.

Like for example… after the reader has chosen their name…

[FIRSTNAME], that’s a great choice!
Now it is time to choose a look for your character!
Keep in mind, (then I explain a bunch of random stuff about the story.)

Then let’s say the reader is customizing the hair of the character, and clicks “Looks good!”, it resets them back to when the Narrator was talking, and restarts the narration and explaining all over again. :frowning:

I am using the episode Ink script template for female customization, so im not sure what’s wrong, since I didn’t code it. The only things I edited was when the character walks off, and what the narrator says. I’ve checked this over, but I’m not sure what’s wrong, so any help would be really awesome! Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:


Based on the title of this thread, it’s maybe a glitch, so you could try filing a support ticket :purple_heart:


  • Maybe this isn’t a glitch and it’s more of a directing error. Can I see your customization script? :thinking:



Resetting all the way back has to do with where you are placing your starting label. You’ll want to put your label after your naming and “keep in mind” stuff. If you post a picture the very start of the customization, I can better tell you where to put the label.


Yes, of course, thanks so much for the fast reply! Should I attach an image, or do you mean copy and paste it? (Sorry, I’m very new at this!)


Whichever, I just need to see how the script looks like. If you want you can just screenshot it :blush:


Ok, I will add a photo now, one second. Thank you!


Sounds good, I’ll do that now! :slight_smile:



Can I see the end of the customization script? :thinking:


Under your last Narrator line, add this:

label avatar_0

Have fun! #or something


Yep! I’ll take a photo of the ending now. Thanks!!



You don’t have any goto’s… does this send you back to the beginning after clicking a certain choice, or after you click “Perfect” and it goes back? Can you send me a screenshot of how the choice “Perfect” or “All done.” looks like, the choice you click after you finish customizing? :thinking:


By certain choice I mean any choice in the customization (e.g. Hairstyle, lip color, nose shape, etc.)


Her issue is with after each choice of feature (hair/skin/etc), all the narrator lines are re-read. The label for the start just needs to be moved like I said earlier.


It sends you back once you click “Looks great/Perfect!”. Like if you click short pixie, and the color blue, and then clicked Done. I’ll take a photo of the actual story with the labels!


Then purple is right, there’s probably a problem with the label all the choices would be sending you too :thinking:



I meant by your script (the coding) :blush:


Hmm… that’s weird! Is it something with the script template, or is it something I could fix? I could also just try using another script template from a YouTube video or something.