Glitch/Error :(

Then purple is right, there’s probably a problem with the label all the choices would be sending you too :thinking:

I meant by your script (the coding) :blush:

Hmm… that’s weird! Is it something with the script template, or is it something I could fix? I could also just try using another script template from a YouTube video or something.

Oh okay, gotcha! :slight_smile:

Here are Dara’s customization templates. It’s easier than going on YouTube lol :blush:


Your customization template is correct, you just need to move your avatar start label.

Under your last Narrator line following the naming, add this:

label avatar_0

Have fun! #or something

Okay, thank you so much for all of your guys’ help!! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: I’ll check out the template now! (Also I just got your last message about that I sent the wrong picture. I took a photo of the actual character and just circled what you were talking about… like what?! LOL, oops on my part! :blush:

Okay, thank you so much! I’ll try and add that in now. One second :blush:

It’s okay! You’re welcome, however, purple is more experienced than me, so she knows more. lol :joy:

Wait sorry, do you mean add it right before the reader customizes the MC, or after?


Add it right after this set of lines.

Okay, thanks!! Adding it now

Just addd it! :slight_smile: However, it gave me an error on another random thing that wasn’t an error before. :frowning: It says I must have a line of dialogue before a choice.

label avatar_0
Have fun!

Oh!! So the narrator needs to say after, I get it! Thank you! :blush:

Say *something after

You can say whatever you want in that line, it doesn’t have to be Have fun!, that was just the first thing I thought of. A better line may be, What would you like to change?

Gotcha! I just added the label, and added the Narrator saying “What’s your look?” after the label, but it still resets when you click “Looks great!” :frowning: