Glitch Girl: What about Glitch Girl, That's perfect, isn't it?


Hey, episode users,
I was wondering how much did you like Glitch Girl! If u are about to ask me Then I should rather say, this story is awesome, can’t wait to read rest but Unfortunately There are only 3 episode. I request to Updated more episode. But What’s your thoughts with Glitch Girl, guys!

This Actually is super cool story!:blush:

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There is already a topic over it HERE


Sorry to say. But I haven’t seen it as I make it I am not going to report my Topic. I have read this story and I find it to make but you shouldn’t have thread others Topic like this.


I was just telling you that there is a topic already made by someone to discuss about the story Glitch Girl…
Why not just go over there and express your opinion over there rather than raging your anger over me for just a stupid reason that I told you that there is another thread like this already…


Actually…You find me wrong, I am not the person who rage their anger or whatever you say. As every pics of shit Always thread me as I have copied…so please…I don’t want to take this anymore! Sorry but please never mind!
If u want me to close this Topic as u want to support others or “someone” Then u can, I just go to the mod and locked it. Is that good for everyone! Seems like I can’t make an Topic. Fine I’ll go to the leader and say to close it.


Okay sorry I didn’t knew that your threads were always told that there are different threads like this…
I wasn’t aware I am sorry…

Okay literally It has no sarcasm so please don’t get the wording wrong…


Thanks but I had say to the mod to close it!


Really its not necessary…
You can continue this…
Seriously I am sorry I didn’t meant to sound rude in the first post…


@Ryan or @jeremy pls close it.