Glitch, I can't read my stories

Okay so like, today I opened episode like I always do, in the morning it was just fine, but then it was like this, now I can see my stories and everything, but the problem is this (see the pics) and when the 4 hours of waiting for a new pass is over, it just starts again with 4 hours… I don’t get my passes (and yes I already send it to support a few hours ago).

The same has happened to me too. Do you have the app on two different devices by any chance?

At first I did not, but I tried it with another device and had the same result.

I will copy and paste the email from the team taking me through steps on how to get it back to normal. Mind you, none of their suggestions worked for me but maybe could work for you…

Thank you! I appreciate it!

  • Could you check the Play Store for updates to the Episode app?
  • Could you try connecting to both WiFi and Mobile Data?
  • Could you try connecting to a public WiFi access point?
  • Can you try fully closing the app and reopening it?
  • Can you try clearing the device’s cache? (Please do not clear the data as this can effect the app)
  • Can you make 2.5 GBs of internal storage available on your device (not an sd card)?
  • Can you try turning your device off and back on?
  • Is your device rooted? Rooted devices are not supported and may cause difficulties with connecting to our servers.
  • Is your Episode app stored on an SD Card? If so, could you please try moving the app to your internal storage?

Could you also please answer the following questions for me?

  • How long have you been playing the app before this happened?
  • Have you changed your device?
  • If any screenshots would help better illustrate the issue, could you please attach them to your reply to this ticket?

Thanks for writing back. I believe a re-installation of the app will help resolve this issue for you.

I would like to encourage you to save your Support ID, Username, and Password from your Episode app settings, ensure to save it in a safe place. Although you can restore your account if it is linked to your email address, saving the automatically-generated Support ID, Username, and Password from your Episode app settings will best ensure your progress is saved.

After you have saved this information, please uninstall the app, turn your device completely off and on again, and reinstall the app on your device. Launch your game afterwards and reply to this ticket if your issue persists.

You’re welcome. Let me know if any of these help x

Unfortunately it didn’t work. I tried everything. I guess I will go to sleep now (it is currently 3:44am) and I will look further into it tomorrow. Thanks for your help though!

No problem luvvy. Happy to help. Goodnight xx

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This might help, unfortunately it didn’t work for me x

Thanks for trying to help me! Unfortunately I already tried everything and none of it worked.

@Dragon I’d recommend contacting the support team directly via help ticket. It might help if you let them know what steps you’ve already taken to fix this issue so you don’t have to repeat them. :slight_smile:

That was actually the first thing I did, well after waiting for a few hours hoping it would go away. :slight_smile: But of course it didn’t, I got a response and well… it didn’t help :grimacing:

Unfortunately I can’t do much from my end, but I’d recommend waiting for their response to see if they have another solution to the issue now that they know the previous fix didn’t help. :slight_smile:

Thank you for trying to help me :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. :grin:

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I tried deleting the app and adding it back it literally did nothing for me it’s still not letting me continue my stories it’s starting it from the beginning but even if I decide to just start it over I get to the next chapter and it starts all over again

Oh no. I haven’t heard of this issue before. So your screen doesn’t freeze? You can actually get into the game? X

Yea I can get in the story but it won’t stop starting over