Glitch in scene

I have this scene where 2 characters exit left. But when I preview it, they exit right. And when I change it to where they exit right, so they can exit left. They still exit right. No matter what I do, they always exit right, which messes up the next scene.

Whatever. I'm out.

@DOLAN exits left
Me too.
@FOREMAN exits left

Have you solved this issue yet? Maybe I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

Not yet.

Have you tried spotting the characters off screen and make them walk to this spot instead of using the exit command?

Yes, but I need to pan to that spot later.

try using @CHARACTER faces left/right before the exit command.

Didn’t work.

Whatever. I'm out.

@DOLAN faces left
@DOLAN exits left
Me too.
@FOREMAN faces left
@FOREMAN exits left

How about trying making them walk to a spot in the left and then use the remove command when they’re offscreen? :thinking:

remove command?

@remove Character

Ohh. Okay, thanks.

try doing @DOLAN faces right. the portal preview sometimes flips left/right. if that doesn’t work, try adding an animation along with the exit command.

@DOLAN exits left and DOLAN does it while walk_neutral

if that doesn’t work either, use the ampersand sign/and command.

&DOLAN exits left
@DOLAN is walk_neutral

@DOLAN exits left and DOLAN is walk_neutral

if none of those work, send me a copy of your script or just check it on your phone in the app!

Hi So basically I was doing Hairstyle choices, at the 800th but when I was checking it randomly sent back to the 300th line. If anyone knows how to fix this please help me!

@DOLAN walks to X in zone #
@pause for 0.3
@remove DOLAN

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What do you mean? Could you send the code? Also, welcome to the community! :blush:

Please create your own topic before you get flagged.

What do you mean?

she wasn’t on topic and started her own conversation that didn’t relate to the title. also, have your glitch been fixed yet?