Glitch or directing error?


So, I’m a first timer working on my new script and I need some assistance. When spotting, one of my characters keeps going to zone 2 when panning the camera to another zone for when another character enters. Here is it.

This particular section

    ESTHER (talk_neutral_loop)
The whole ordeal.

ESTHER exits left and ESTHER is walk_neutral
@zoom on 0 0 to 115% in 0
ESTHERspot 1.217 232 59
ESTHER stands screen center in zone 1
pan to zone 1
DANIELLE spot 1.181 89 129
ESTHER is eyeroll_sarcastic and DANIELLE is laugh_chuckle
speechbubble is 102 342 to 93% with tail_top_right
DANIELLE (laugh_crackup)
I utterly and completely love your mom.


You have to specify the zone number when spotting your characters

@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone #


Thank you so much!


Thanks for responding @Dara.Amarie! Closing :slight_smile: